March Pie Club

I think I have a problem.

March was a busy month for everyone and we decided *gasp* to skip Pie Club. Then my birthday rolled around, and I was just itching to make a pie. So I caved.

Ice Cream Pie |

This ice cream cookie crumble crust pie was literally so easy, how could I not make it? Plus I had way too many birthday cookies lying around tempting me with their chocolate and peanut buttery goodness.

Birthday Pie > Birthday Cake |

Although it was a little unconventional, my birthday celebration turned into what I’ll deem “March Pie of the Month Club”–because clearly I can’t go a month without a pie.

The evening had the essential ingredients: good friends, plenty of laughs, and a crowd-pleasing pie. Although that seems obvious. When is a pie not crowd-pleasing? If you don’t like pie, go home.

It's My Birthday, I'll Candid if I Want To |

Next month is Christine’s golden birthday, so keep an eye out for 26 candles.

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