September Pie Club

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the best place to hide your bourbon is in your pie. No one will ever see it coming, just like the surprise at the end of this post (don’t peek!).


Throughout this pie journey there have been good pies, and mediocre pies, and interesting pies, and then one month will come along and bam there will be a great pie. September was one of those months.


Don’t let this unassuming pie fool you. Hidden under that ordinary looking oatmeal crumble are a bunch of  tipsy pears who smuggled bourbon in their purse. Luckily these pears hold their liquor well.

Bourbon Pear Crumble |

We’ve found that the best thing to surround yourself with–aside from this month’s pie–is great friends. This month we were #blessed to have a wonderful group at Pie Club which even included a few out of town visitors. [not pictured: a lot of people]

Friends with Pie |

With fall creeping in, we’re counting down the days to classics like pumpkin pie and pecan pie–but before you start thinking about next month, take a peek behind the scenes of September’s bourbon beauty:

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