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February Pie Club:  Fab Ab’s 25th

Rosemary is one of those herbs that genuinely makes anything better.

Rosemary cocktails? Killer.
Rosemary chicken? To die for.
Rosemary honey shoofly pie? Devoured.

So when Abby picked this pie recipe to ring in her 25th birthday, we were all intrigued. Needless to say it was everything we dreamed of. Mo honey, mo problems.

Between the dancing, laughter, and bites of pie I realized something wonderful. Of all the beautiful and amazing people celebrating, I truly only knew four before I moved to New York City (and only one lived here before I arrived). Through our pie filled journey of this big apple, we’ve built so many fabulous friendships. It’s why pie love NY.

Now that I got a little introspective for a moment, back to your regularly scheduled pie puns. Yippee pie-YAY.

And with that I’d like to wish Abby a fantastic 25th birthday. It’s her birthday & she can PIE if she wants to. Cheers y’all!

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