April Pie Club: Notorious P.I.E.

Yesterday’s motto was: going up, on a Tuesday ♫ — and I am proud to say we were successful. Although I love a casual Tuesday bash as much as the next gal, the real cause for celebration was Christine’s birthday.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear we had pie. Occasionally I feel like I’m force feeding pie to my friends. It’s like: “I know you’re really full and you already had a lot of wine, but now you must eat this slice”…but then I had a bite of the chocolaty goodness that was last night’s pie and I forgot all about it.

This Derby Pie was a chocolate bar, crossed with a mint julep, wrapped up in a butter crust, and topped with a birthday candles for good measure. I promise it was as delicious as you’re imagining, and then some.

So next time you’re contemplating a Tuesday bash, embrace it wholeheartedly. Maybe someone will show up with a delicious pie. Never turn down pie.

Until next month, when it’s gonna be May and JT memes will overrun your newsfeed. Also, we’ll probably have pie.


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