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Dear NYC, Pie for Now 


The scariest thing about change is the uncertainty…in our case—WHEN WILL WE HAVE OUR NEXT PIE?!

Fortunately we have plenty of pie memories to hold us over. As I sat in a rented mini van (not a regular mini van, a cool mini van) halfway into my 850 mile drive somewhere in Pennsylvania with no service to snapchat sad selfies, I reminisced on my favorite things about New York. Most of these memories involved a slice of pie, a glass of wine, and the amazing people I got to call roommates, neighbors, and friends. And I decided we deserve a pat on the back for 23 successful pie get-togethers.

In true pun-loving fashion I couldn’t leave New York City without embracing a farewell pie pun. It made the teary-eyed hugs so much easier, don’t you think?

This month we left it to a vote and happily ended up with this Lavender Blueberry Pie. I know it sounds like it should be a candle scent, but with a scoop of ice-cold gelato it was perfect for a summer night.

We may have finished the last slice of pie, but I know our adventures will continue. NYC–it’s not goodbye forever, just Pie for Now.

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