Hap-PIE Thanksgiving


May your plate be full of pie and your glass full of wine.

I have a few other #piegoals today too…

  • Transport three pies without ending up with a pie casserole in my trunk
  • Convince my family to eat dessert before dinner
  • Make sure everyone knows I’m thankful for pie
  • Sneak a second (or third) slice of pie
  • Manage to stay awake after all that pie
  • Contemplate what pie I’ll make next

I hope all your pies came out beautifully and taste even better. Have a dough-licous Thanksgiving. See you on the other side (with our fat pants on).


Published by Alex

Food-loving, adventure-seeking, pun-enthusiast

One thought on “Hap-PIE Thanksgiving

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    messupdressup03 says:

    You had me at hap-Pie 😂 Loved reading it! Awesome blog you have!! Happy to connect 😄
    Do check out mine too, will appreciate your views! 💕

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