How to Make Your Own Unicorn Pie

How to Make a Unicorn Pie | via Pies Before Guys

Step-by-step directions for making your very own unicorn pie.

What you need:

At some point in our lives, I think we all dreamt of being a unicorn, but there comes a time when reality settles in. When that sad time hits…there’s this pie. Baked specifically to make you feel as fabulous as a unicorn.

This particular pie was created to celebrate my birthday. Yes, I made my own birthday pie, and yes it was great.


Now to the good part. How can you make one of you own?

Step 1

Pick a Pie Recipe & Make Sprinkle Filled Crust

It all starts with the light-colored cream pie of your choice (for coloring purposes). I opted for this Lemon Chiffon Pie because–YUM! Whatever you choose, be sure it has a graham cracker crust or some similar cookie crumble crust.

Unicorn’s are not a fan boring things, so go ahead and shake the heck out of a sprinkle jar right into your wet graham cracker mixture before baking. Spread your crust into your pie and bake according to the recipe. Insider tip: refrigerate your graham cracker crust 15 minutes before baking to avoid crumbling later on.


Step 2

Divid Filling and Add Food Coloring

Next step, get your filling together. Select your colors of choice, and split your prepared pie filling into separate bowls accordingly. Go ahead, get a little crazy with the food coloring.


Step 3

Drop Colored Filling into Pie Filling

Now comes the stressful part. Drop some color blobs on top of your unicorn crust and don’t mess up. Alternate the layering of your colors until you’re all out of filling. Do a little smoothing on top, but don’t get too aggressive or you’ll end up with some over mixed strangely colored pie.


Step 4

Add Whipped Cream and MORE Sprinkles

Make yourself some whipped cream topping, and whip out those sprinkles again. There’s no such thing as overboard in a unicorn’s world, so don’t hold back.

How to Make a Unicorn Pie | via Pies Before Guys

Step 5

Chill Pie & Enjoy

Chill the pie for a few hours, and marvel at your masterpiece. You did it!

How to Make a Unicorn Pie | via Pies Before Guys

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