9 Must-Have Tools for the Perfect Pie

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So you’ve decided to make a pie?

Congratulations 👏🏼  you’ve accomplished step one and found your way here—the ultimate list of pie making tools.

9 Must-Have Tools for the Perfect Pie

Making pie is a process, but don’t be overwhelmed. In the end it’s really easy as long as you pay attention and follow directions.

There are a million pieces of advice I can give you. Like a few do’s and don’ts and how to properly read a recipe.

The Essential Tools You Need to Make a Pie

But in my opinion the best way to make it an easy process is the right tools. You don’t want to make the process more stressful by making it harder on yourself. Imagine rolling out a pie crust without a silicon mat…big sticky mess that will make a store bought crust sound very tempting. (Please resist!)

9 Must-Have Tools for the Perfect Pie

So let’s get to it. Here is (basically) everything you should have in your baking toolbox.

Pastry Blender

Instead of using your hands to make a pie crust, use a pastry blender. It helps keep your butter from melting while you mix—and cold (non-melted) little butter pieces are the key to flaky pie crusts.

The Essential Tools You Need to Make a Pie

Pie Weights

Let’s talk about blind baking. To me it truthfully feels like I’ve put on a blind fold and attempted to make a pie. There’s always a lot more stress involved. Yeah, I know you can use dried beans to weigh down a crust. But when you’re already sweating about the process, these trusty ceramic pie weights are worth every penny.

9 Must-Have Tools for the Perfect Pie

Pie Crust Shield

No more overcooked, burnt crust edges! Instead of attempting to cover the edges with some foil, try a silicon crust shield. Both easier to use and reusable.

The Essential Tools You Need to Make a Pie

Bench Scraper

I feel like it is hard to express in words how much I love my bench scraper. It helps with everything and anything. Cut your butter into pieces, scrape up some flour, separate your dough balls.

The Essential Tools You Need to Make a Pie

Egg Separator

Do you know how sad it is when you brake a yolk into your four perfectly separated egg whites? Let me tell you, it’s horribly depressing. But luckily this egg separator has my back.

The Essential Tools You Need to Make a Pie

Candy Thermometer

I love caramel. I love it so much. An apple pie with caramel is exponentially better than an ordinary one. If you want to make a perfect caramel sauce, a candy thermometer will keep you from questioning whether the mixture is golden brown or if that’s just the lighting in your kitchen.

The Essential 9 Must-Have Tools for the Perfect Pie You Need to Make a Pie

Egg Timer

A lot of pie recipes involve multitasking—which can require more than one timer (think: caramel on the stove & apples juicing on the counter). As much as digital timers are wonderful, there is just something about an egg timer that I love. Plus this one is adorably shaped like an egg.

The Essential Tools You Need to Make a Pie

Silicon Mat

If you know me, you know my stance on store-bought pie crust. Once you’ve made one a few times, a homemade crust is super simple. But rolling out the crust on your counter? I feel your pain. Which is why a silicon mat is your best friend. Makes it easy and helps with clean-up. Win win.

9 Must-Have Tools for the Perfect Pie

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

I found these years ago at a random boutique kitchen store when I was living in Brooklyn. They’re probably my favorite thing on this list. (1) Magnetic so they stay together in a nice stack in my drawer. (2) There are two spoons for each measurement! (3) One spoon is narrow to fit in small spice jars. (4) They make a stainless steel version now. I could keep going…

The Essential Tools You Need to Make a Pie

Now that you’re armed with the best tools, you’re fully set up for success. Good luck with your pie baking adventures, and keep me posted! Would love to hear how your pies turn out.

Happy baking.

The Essential Tools You Need to Make a Pie

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  1. Great list. My drawers and cupboards are full of stuff I’ve amassed over 20+ years. I keep forgetting about equipment I could use. Never seen a crust cover before. I have four timers plus the one on my oven for when I have a few things going on at once. I struggle to resist buying ones I see in charity shops. I have a cute cow one and a chicken one.

    1. Thank you! Ooh you should try a crust cover, I find it so helpful! And I know what you mean, there is no such thing as too many timers. But if I find any more new baking equipment I think I’ll need a bigger kitchen 😂

  2. I always read your posts so it’s just natural I find a typo. Don’t shoot the messenger! Under Bench Scraper, that pesky little “y” turned your “and” into “any”. 😏

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