Pink Lemon Collins Cocktail

My husband and I have been trying out meal delivery kits for a few months now. With being home all day and having to cook so many meals, it’s been nice to have someone else tell us what to make. I honestly was super skeptical about it but have surprisingly enjoyed trying new recipes that we would have never thought to make.

Anyway, the point of my story is…in one of our recent HelloFresh boxes we got two recipes that used pink lemons. Not your regular old yellow lemon, but actual *pink* ones.

Let me tell you how truly shocked I was. Like mouth-open, wide-eyed, shock. Just holding this little lemon with faint green stripes on it in utter confusion. I guess I never really thought too much about it, but I had absolutely no idea *pink* lemons were a real thing. Is it just me? Does everyone else in the world know about pink lemons??

I went on a google search spiral reading all about pink lemons. Where they grow. How they differ from yellow ones. Where to buy them. What to make with them. On and on. And then I had to get back to cooking because I was going to burn our Chicken Schnitzel and then I’d never even get to use the pink lemon.

To my luck, after cooking our meals we had extra pink lemons. My google research taught me that pink lemons are sweeter than yellow ones. So a sweet lemony cocktail felt like the perfect use for the precious little guys. This Pink Lemon Collins Cocktail turned out delicious, and obviously adorable.

If you want to try this out (or are now super intrigued by pink lemons) my google research also told me people have had success finding them at Trader Joe’s.

Go hunt down a pink lemon and let’s get to work…

Pink Lemon Collins Cocktail

Recipes makes one cocktail.

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