Watermelon Ginger Aperol Spritz

I had my very first Aperol Spritz in Italy three years ago and my life has forever been changed. Not to be dramatic or anything.

We saw this bright orange drink as the happy hour special all over Florence and were very intrigued. We learned that it’s a common apertif in Italy…and is absolutely delicious.

If you haven’t had an Aperol Spritz, stop what you’re doing and try a classic Aperol Spritz immediately. You need to understand the deliciousness of a the original recipe.

But if you already have an intense love for Aperol Spritz, give this version a try. It’s a fun, refreshing twist on the original recipe – made with fresh watermelon and ginger juice. It’s perfect for a summer bbq or maybe a 4th of July socially distanced get-together next week.

I made both the fresh juices with my immersion blender, but a food processor or regular blender work perfectly. The recipe is pretty simple. All you have to do is…

1. Roughly chop the watermelon and dice the ginger
2. Blend each individually, adding water to the ginger
3. Pour all the ingredients in a glass
4. Sit back, relax and enjoy your cocktail

Watermelon Ginger Aperol Spritz

Recipe makes one cocktail.

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