Homemade Strawberry Basil Poptarts

Are these poptarts or hand pies?

…or mini pies?

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. Is there an official definition of a poptart somewhere?

For now I’ll stick with calling them poptarts. But just know that whatever you decide to call them…they are delicious.

These “poptarts” are made with my favorite all-butter pie crust and filled with homemade strawberry basil jam. They almost taste like a toaster strudel (do you remember those?!?). They are sweet, flaky, a little lemon-y, and all around mouth-watering.

You can adjust the sweetness with more or less glaze drizzled on top. I went all in on my glaze and have no regrets.

The strawberry basil jam is very easy to make and only slightly tests your patience 🙃. The hint of basil is subtle, but adds an extra flair to the sweetness of the jam. And fair warning, your *entire* house will smell like a strawberry jam factory when you’re done. No complaints thought – the jam smells absolutely amazing.

You can easily make the jam with frozen strawberries if they’re not in season at the time. Otherwise fresh, very ripe strawberries work wonderfully.

Good luck! I know it’s tempting…but don’t eat all the jam before you stick it in the poptarts 😉

Homemade Strawberry Basil Poptarts

Recipe makes 8 poptarts.

[cooked-recipe id="7304"]
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Tip: A pastry wheel is super helpful to perfectly cut the dough and get nice straight edges.


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