Peach Thyme Bourbon Smash

I bought a bunch of peaches to make a grilled peach chicken salad that looked delicious. Really, it does. But then dinnertime rolled around and the idea of 1. cooking and 2. eating a salad seemed like a horrible decision. All I wanted to do was sit in the sun and finish my book club book (currently reading: The Vanishing Half).

My husband’s solution was pizza (which to be fair is always a good solution).

But what about the peaches??? They’re perfectly ripe. They’ll go bad so very soon. Well my friends, you’re looking at my solution: a Peach Thyme Bourbon Smash. When life gives you lemons peaches, amiright?

On a separate note, my lemon thyme plant is growing like crazy. Anyone in Chicago want some thyme?? For real, it’s about to overtake my rosemary. I will be adding thyme to everything for the foreseeable future.

I guess too much thyme is better than dying plants. And it does make for a great addition to this sweet, fruity cocktail.

This Peach Thyme Bourbon Smash cocktail features a mix of muddled peaches, lemon juice, fresh lemon thyme and your favorite bourbon – then is sweetened with some brown sugar simple syrup. It makes for an easy, refreshing summer cocktail. Perfect for an afternoon bbq or socially distanced picnic in the park.

Tips for making this cocktail:

  • You want your peaches as ripe as possible. The juicier, the better.
  • Make sure you don’t over muddle and invest in a good muddler. This is a great article explaining the right way to muddle.
  • I used a brown sugar simple syrup, but a classic simple syrup will work as well.

Peach Thyme Bourbon Smash

Recipe makes one cocktail.

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2 thoughts on “Peach Thyme Bourbon Smash

  1. Looks gorgeous. My thyme always dies/gets eaten by snails or something. You could try rosemary, thyme and cheese scones to use some up.

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