Raspberry Dark Chocolate S’mores Bars

S’mores are the ultimate summer dessert (right next to apple pie and ice cream sandwiches, of course).

I live in a high rise in Chicago, so bonfires are a little hard to come by. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean toasted s’mores are out of the question (thank you, trusty kitchen torch!). I was thinking back to this toasty s’mores pie the other day and dreaming about making homemade marshmallows again.

What kind of marshmallow toaster are you? On a scale of lukewarm to caught on fire? I’m right in the middle…a nice slowly toasted golden brown that is slightly melty.

To satisfy your summer s’mores quota, here is a new “no-bonfire” s’mores treat. Just trade in your bonfire for a kitchen torch. This treat takes classic s’mores to the next level with a fruity raspberry layer between the graham crackers and chocolate.

These s’mores bars are truly glorious. The homemade marshmallow topping is 100x better than any store-bought marshmallows. You have to give it a try.

These raspberry s’mores bars are made from lots of layers of deliciousness. It all starts with a graham cracker base, then a layer of raspberry spread followed by melty chocolate, and finished with the toasty homemade marshmallow topping.

Raspberry S’mores Bars

Recipe makes 8 bars.

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