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Lavender Arnold Palmer Cocktail

Hope you’re feeling rested and recharged after a short work week. It’s cloudy and rainy in Chicago today, but I’m not mad about it. I’m always a little more productive on gloomy days, I don’t know why.

Speaking of productive…I found another use for my *famous* Lavender Simple Syrup. And it’s a winner.

This Lavender Arnold Palmer Cocktail is the perfect summer-to-fall transition beverage. We’ve got some sweet, floral flavors mixed with the coziness of tea and bourbon. If you’re sad about summer coming to an end (like me), I guarantee this cocktail will cheer you up.

It’s made with the bourbon of your choice, iced tea (homemade if you’d like), fresh lemon juice and a bit of lavender simple syrup for some extra pizzazz. I used my homemade lavender simple syrup recipe which really is very simple, but a store-bought version will work wonderfully (like this one from Amazon).

I also used my favorite mini ice cubes just because I love them, but to be honest any ice will do.

Lavender Arnold Palmer Cocktail

Recipe makes one cocktail.

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