How to Make a Braided Pie Crust Design

It’s almost time for all the Thanksgiving pies, which means it’s also time to decide which pie crust design you’ll attempt this year. If you’re baking a single crust pie like pumpkin or pecan, a braided pie crust is a great design for the small amount of decorative crust real estate you have to work with.

The key to success is patience and putting your dough in the freezer a few times throughout the process to make it easier to work with (and less likely to fall apart). Good luck!

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How to Make a Braided Pie Crust Design

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1. Prep and roll out your pie dough. Make a double crust recipe – one recipe for the pie pan and one for your braids.

2. Cut the pie dough into thin strips with a pastry wheel (like this one) – aim for between 1/4″ – 1/2″ wide.

3. Refrigerate or freeze strips for a few minutes to keep firm.

4. Connect three strips together at one end.

5. Braid the strips by gently curving. Pie dough is pliable which allows you to slightly bend the strips to form the braid.

6. There are two options to get a long enough dough braid: 1 – attach strips together to extend and keep braiding. or 2 – form multiple short braids and attach to each other directly on the pie.

7. Both are great options, it just depends on the space you have and the length of your strips. I find attaching multiple short braids to be easier, but I think it’s a personal preference.

8. Refrigerate or freeze braids for a few minutes again to keep firm.

9. Once you’re ready to attach your braids, wet the edges of your pie crust with water and score around the pie. Gently lay braids on crust and add more water to make sure they attach.

10. If you have multiple shorter braids, join them together by cutting and attaching the individual strips for a seamless (more or less) braid.

11. Now it’s time to bake! Finish out your pie with your favorite filling recipe and enjoy.

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