Meet Alex

Welcome to allspice, I’m Alex.

I’m an amateur baker and wannabe mixologist, sharing all my favorite recipes.

I started this blog in 2014 as part of a ‘pie of the month club’ out of my tiny Brooklyn apartment with my best friends. It’s original name was Pies Before Guys. Our monthly get-togethers showed me how easy it is to unify friends with a slice pie and glass of wine.

I’ve had a few life changes since this blog started 7 years ago, including moving to Chicago, marrying my best friend and having an adorable baby. But I continued making pies and tried to keep this blog alive as much as I could.

After sharing more than 60 pies here, I knew it was time to expand my horizons. So after some soul searching, I rebranded this blog in 2020. My initials, ALL, inspired the rebrand to allspice. Now you’ll find all sorts of things here: cocktails, cookies, brunch ideas, and of course…still a few pies.

TLDR; If you like sweets and puns, you’ll feel right at home here. Welcome to allspice!

Here are a few of my favorite posts to get you started:

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6 thoughts on “Meet Alex

  1. ohiocook – Melanoma cancer survivor. I have diabetes 2 and cook all my meals, meals to control my diabetes, weight control, and food along with herbs and spices that boost my immune system.
    ohiocook says:

    Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  2. Liz – Owner of deLizious Food Communications. Projects include recipe development, editing, and formatting; food writing and editing; nutrition analysis; public speaking and cooking instruction. Past and present clients: General Mills, Green Giant Fresh, Hormel, Minnesota Beef Council, Minnesota Soybean, Minnesota Pork Producers, Norwood Promotional Products, Pillsbury, Tad Ware, and Weight Watchers Publishing. Mother of two young girls.
    Liz says:

    So. Much. Fun. 😀

  3. Lisa – I’m Lisa, 21, 100% Italian, currently living and working as Digital Marketing Executive in my beloved London but during my spare time I love globetrotting around Europe [and not only, actually]! Travels are just ONE of my hobbies though, I enjoy crafting, eating & cooking healthy food and I love love loooove singing, especially blues and soul music!
    fromdreamtoplan says:

    Happy to have found your blog! I love the name and the layout you’ve chosen! Also the pics are awesome!!
    Looking forward to following you! 🙂

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