May Pie Club

You probably have never heard the phrase: Pie before dinner, never been thinner. Because I just made that up, but it’s the new mantra for my life. Of course, this resulted from our May Pie Club where we were too full for dinner, but more than ready for pie. Said pie was on fleek. It didn’tContinue reading “May Pie Club”

February Pie Club

There’s literally nothing about the 90’s that we don’t like. Excepts for maybe its lack of iPhones and Taylor Swift music. So it makes sense that we were like kids on Christmas Day at our Special Edition of the Pie of the Month Club: Clinton Administration 90’s Business Casual. Although the 90’s music was replaced by Sia early on—theContinue reading “February Pie Club”

January Pie Club

Usually the monthly Pie Club surrounds a birthday and the birthday boy or girl has their choice of a pie. This has worked every month except November (naturally Thanksgiving themed) since the inaugural pie party. The point is—no one has a January birthday and no one has a February birthday. Have no fear, we developedContinue reading “January Pie Club”