Happy Halloween! Spooky Pink Ghost Cake

Hi friends – it’s been an interesting month.

Let’s start with the lame parts 👎 and then get to the positives. We spent October packing our apartment, shopping, building furniture, and moving. Somewhere in the middle of packing I hurt my back and was utterly useless on move day. It’s lame: herniated disk pinching a nerve, blah blah.

But on the bright side…our new apartment is a lovely two bedroom with a beautiful private rooftop space that we’ll basically live at all summer long. There’s unpacking to do, but it’s exciting! We celebrated my nieces first birthday with a small get-together and I’m still so darn proud of this spooky ghost cake. My inspo came from Erin Bakes. How cute is it?!

If you want to make your own spooky halloween dessert here are a few tips.

Make a Pink Spooky Ghost Cake:

  • Cake:
    • The cake itself was a simple boxed funfetti (the best). I used a set of five 6″ pans to make a skinny tall cake.

  • Ghosts:
    • Now the ghosts are where the real fun is. I made them using white candy melts formed into a ghost shape using a spoon. I tried using a paint brush to make them, but found the spoon technique was so much easier. You can find white candy melts on Amazon or at Michaels. I used the Wilton brand.
    • The ghost eyes are black round sprinkles and the mouth is half of a black jellybean.
    • After letting the ghosts cool and harden, I attached them to cake with a bit of extra frosting on the back as “glue”
    • Overall, it was surprisingly easy!

I’m spending my Halloween morning with a salted caramel latte and Hocus Pocus. I hope you enjoy something fun and spooky today. I have some apartment stuff to tend to, but hopefully we’ll find time to carve a pumpkin this afternoon as well.

If tomorrow you wake up with more candy than you know what to do with, give this leftover halloween candy pie a try.

Happy Halloween 🎃

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