October Pie Club

Did you know that National Chocolate Day is a thing? Well it is, and it’s on October 28th. Which is great timing, because that is the same day we made a Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie [think: Oatmeal + Chocolate Cookie]. Not that we knew about National Chocolate Day either, but that’s our little secret.


Lizzie (the Birthday Queen) chose this month’s pie, which is essentially an oatmeal cookie with a layer of chocolate ganache on the bottom all wrapped in a flaky butter crust–what’s not to love? We even added a few leaves to the edges cause we’re #basic like that.



This month’s gathering took place mid-week, but we’re rebels so we popped open wine and blasted a few throwback tunes anyway. After devouring a few too many slices of pineapple pepperoni pizza, we attempted to make room for a slice of pie because ultimately none of us can say no to dessert.


Next month is the crown jewel of pie club: Thanksgiving Month! Our Friendsgiving last year was pretty epic, so we’ll be brainstorming ways to outdo ourselves. Maybe there are mini pumpkin pies in our future. One can only hope…

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