10 Gifts Bakers Will Love – The 2020 allspice Gift Guide

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Are you hunting for gift ideas for a baker in your life? Whether it’s your friend, mom or spouse – as long as they enjoy baking, I guarantee they will enjoy these ideas. Coming from someone whose sole hobby is baking, I personally love everything in this gift guide. Plenty of these ideas would make awesome stocking stuffers too. Hope this helps you with your Christmas shopping this year…

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers

1. Magnetic Measuring Spoons

9 Must-Have Tools for the Perfect Pie

This is truly my favorite baking gadget. They stay together, have a narrow spoon for getting into spice jars and have two spoons so if one gets dirty from say vanilla paste, you can use the other side for cinnamon.

Buy it: Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set of 6 Stainless Steel Dual Sided Stackable Teaspoon

2. Cookbook Stand

This one is both functional and a cute decorative countertop piece. If your favorite baker doesn’t own a cookbook stand, they will love how useful it is. No more sticking a random piece of paper in your favorite cookbook to keep your place while you’re whipping up cookie dough.

Buy it: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Decorative Easel Black

3. Candy Thermometer

A candy thermometer is essential when cooking sugar to make things like caramels and butterscotch. Plus I always feel like a *real* professional when I put it to use. This is a great tool if the baker in your life is a fan of caramel apple pie or making homemade marshmallows.

Buy it: Winco Deep Fry/Candy Thermometer with Hanging Ring

4. Fancy New Apron

I’ll be honest – I own way too many aprons, but I still enjoy receiving a new apron as a gift. There are so many fun, unique patterns and I always think of the gift giver when I wear their apron in the kitchen. It’s a fun gift you can personalize to their style and tastes. I tend to gravitate to bright colors and floral patterns like this blue/teal ruffle apron and this watercolor floral apron)

Buy it: Sticky Toffee Cotton Women’s Cooking Apron and Maison d’ Hermine Colmar 100% Cotton Kitchen Apron

5. Tickets to a Virtual Baking Class

I find baking classes so enjoyable. And I always learn some new helpful tricks. This year lots of cooking schools are going virtual. Joy the Baker’s Bakehouse is offering their classes via Zoom. Joy is such an amazing baker so any of these classes would definitely make a memorable gift.

Buy it: The Bakehouse’s Upcoming Live Events

6. Jar of Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste

Vanilla is in so many baking recipes – cookies, cakes, you name it. To upgrade a standard recipe, I love using bourbon vanilla bean paste. I find it gives a more pronounced vanilla flavor and adds vanilla beans to make your frosting look extra fancy. This is a great gift for bakers who like trying something new.

Buy it: Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

7. Pastry Cutouts

My favorite part of baking pie is making fun, decorative crusts. I own so many different pastry cutouts and use them all. the. time. They work great with pie crust or fondant, so these cutters make a great gift for any pie or cake baker. I use my leaf shaped cutters *every* fall or this variety pack can be used all year long.

Buy it: Leaves Baking Pie Crust Cutters and Joinor 24pcs Baking Pie Cookie Cutter

8. Star Baker Sweatshirt

Have you seen the Great British Bake Off? I’m pretty sure everyone in the world loves this show, especially bakers. “Star Baker” is the award given each week to the best baker. Every GBBO fan will love this sweatshirt.

Buy it: Star Baker Great American British Baking GBBO Sweatshirt

9. Kitchen Timer

9 Must-Have Tools for the Perfect Pie

Whenever I’m baking I have at least two timers going simultaneously. Maybe you’re resting your dough for 20 minutes while you’re browning some butter for 8 minutes. Which is while I find kitchen timers so useful. It makes a great gift because there are so many fun variations: like an apple, cat, carrot, bird…the list goes on. I opted for a blue egg timer and I think it’s adorable.

Buy it: Stainless Steel Apple Timer, Cat Timer, Orange Carrot Timer, Green Bird Timer

10. Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board

There is something so special about sentimental, personalized gifts. This custom cutting board tops the list of memorable gift ideas. A lot of bakers have fond memories of baking with loved ones. This is a great gift if you have a copy of their grandma’s famous cookie recipe or any sentimental handwritten recipe.

Buy it: TheHrdwoodCom Custom Recipe Cutting Board

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